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Bob Vs Tintin : Where Is Tintin From?

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    Who Published His First Cartoon?

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    Herge was a belgian cartoonist. his first cartoon was “the adventures of totor” in 1929. he was a member of the boy scouts during world war 1 and post-world war 1. herge was born in belgium and died in belgium in 1968.

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    ”flight 714″ is herge’s twenty-second comic strip album and the twelfth episode of season 2 of tintin season 2. herge is a fan of the comic strip and the first tintin book he ever read. the episode is the first part of a two part series.

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    He attended both school and the boy scouts during the world war 1 and post-world war 1 era. after he finished school herge published his first ever cartoon: "the adventures of totor". 1929, herge introduced a cartoon about a traveling belgium reporter , tintin , accompanied by his fox terrier (snowy) traveling the soviet union.

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    Who Voiced The Character Of Tintin?

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    The rest of the complaint lies on jamie bell’s terrible voice acting as tintin. tintin sounds flat and emotionless. this is not a terrible animation and i’m sure many will enjoy it. the facial expression of tintin as a whole is also weird.

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    The rest of the complaint lies on jamie bell's terrible voice acting as tintin which sounds flat and emotionless, the plain jokes that i find it hard to crack a smile, the unlikeness of tintin as a whole (his facial expression is weird). but then again, what more can i ask? as said earlier, this is not a terrible animation and i'm sure many will enjoy it.

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