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Baymax Vs Starkiller : Who Was Starkiller’s Father?

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    Who Uses Starkiller As An Assassin?

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    Starkiller is the son of galen and darth vader. his father was killed in the “great jedi purge” and he was raised as a jedi apprentice. vader uses him as an assassin for years. he later becomes a grey jedi and joins the rebel alliance.

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    starkiller was the informal apprentice of darth vader. born to a jedi knight after the clone wars, he was unnaturally strong in the use of the force. the six knights join darth sidious’ sith eternal following kylo’s redemption.

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    When his father is tracked down and killed by darth vader as part of the empire's "great jedi purge", the latter discovers galen and, recognizing his potential as a powerful force user, takes him to be raised and trained as his secret apprentice, giving him the codename "starkiller". years later, vader uses starkiller as his personal assassin, sending him on missions to benefit the empire, as well as his own plans to overthrow palpatine. once starkiller outlives his usefulness for vader, he is betrayed and left for dead, prompting him to become a grey jedi and join the recently-formed rebel alliance.

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