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Agent J : Who Plays The Agent K?

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    Who Plays The Agent K?

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    Also, josh brolin delivers a top-notch performance as tommy lee jones’ agent k character. i really loved the chemistry between brolin and will smith. brolin plays a younger version of agent k in a clever and stylized way.

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    the chemistry between tommy lee jones and young agent k is pulled off very well in the film. i was convinced a younger version of tommy brolin went forward in time to play the role. the film is based on the book of the same name.

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    men in black 3 is a must-watch for mib fans. highly entertaining, visually thrilling, good comedy at times along with great acting and good direction. the duo of will smith and josh brolin do a fine job as agent k and agent j.

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    josh brolin takes over acting duties from clive owen as dwight mccarthy in the sequel to the first film. a great performance from brolin and a great return to the role of dwight. the film is a great follow-up to the successful first instalment.

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    Highly entertaining, visually thrilling, good comedy at times along with great acting and good direction, men in black 3 is a real roller-coaster ride which will entertain you from the start to the end along with some good action, extremely visually stunning scenes, some good mib style action along with great acting by the duo of will smith and josh brolin which make this a must-watch for mib fans, me in particular rating this more than the last part.the story is known by most of movie lovers, about a special agent team called men in black who hunt down aliens living in the earth and keep the earth protected from these dangerous aliens, and in this part a new alien called boris the animal is a real danger for the mib team as he time travels back in time to kill agent k and destroy the earth, so agent j must go back in time in order to save the world from alien invasion and in he re-unites with a young agent k in the past and with him tries to take down the alien.the acting as i said was very good indeed mostly due to the new duo of will smith and josh brolin who appear in most of the movie, and these two actors compliment each other really well, as they have done a fine job as young agent k(brolin) and agent j(smith). will is as always a extremely funny comedian with his character being a real humorous one, and has again done a marvelous job as agent k doing the character again after almost a decade! josh brolin also does a marvelous job as the younger agent k and its almost as if he's the young tommy lee jones in this movie, such a great portrayel of agent k's character by him.

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