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Ro Laren Vs Worf : Who Played The Grandfather Of Worf’s Grandson?

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    Who Played The Grandfather Of Worf’s Grandson?

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    Michael dorn played colonel worf on star trek: the next generation. the character is the grandfather of worf’s grandson. dorn plays the klingon attorney in the theatrical version of the film. he later unmasks the assassin at khitomer as colonel west.

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    the show gave me something to do in terms of acting”, says michael dorn. ” worf really is alone” the conclusion of this episode was not popular with some viewers. dorn says he is a fan of the show.  

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    Michael dorn as colonel worf, the klingon attorney who represents kirk and mccoy in their show trial for the death of gorkon. he later unmasks the klingon assassin at khitomer as colonel west (in the footage cut from the theatrical version but reinstated on home video). the character is the grandfather of worf, the character dorn played on star trek: the next generation.

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    Who Starred As Ro Laren?

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    Michelle forbes starred as ro laren in the final episode of tng’s “deep space nine” she played the cell head of the maquis, john franklyn- robbins. her last appearance on the show was in the season seven finale of the series.

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    Most especially with the head of said cell john franklyn- robbins with whom she develops an almost father/daughter relationship.captain picard has considered ro his own protégé and michelle forbes's scenes with picard as well as macias the maquis leader have a lot of the end, in her last appearance on tng as ro laren michelle forbes gave a real good performance. i do regret that she was not able to be worked into a deep space nine episode or two.

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