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Han Solo Vs Luke Skywalker : Who Is The Only Actor To Turn His Role In The Movie Into A Big Acting Career?

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    Who Is The Only Actor To Turn His Role In The Movie Into A Big Acting Career?

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    Harrison ford is the only actor to turn his role in the film into a big-time acting career. george lucas also stars as the voice of indiana jones in the movie. the film also stars alec guiness and james earl jones.

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    They're just not that good! harrison ford is the only one who managed to turn his role in this into a big-time acting career - but, let's face it, most people remember him as indiana jones and not han solo. granted that george lucas got some big names in this - alec guiness as obi-wan kenobi and james earl jones as the voice of darth vader.

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    Who Has One Of The Best Performances In Recent Years?

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    Supreme leader snoke (andy serkis) is a very threatening presence. harrison ford has one of his best performances in recent years. carrie fisher returns as leia and offers a touch of reality to the story. the original cast/characters.

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    Supreme leader snoke (andy serkis) does not show up that much, but he definitely is a very threatening presence and a very well achieved motion capture for the original cast/characters, harrison ford has one of his best performances in the more recent years. han solo is one of his most popular characters and he portrays him flawlessly. carrie fisher returns as leia and she offers a touch of reality to all of this.

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    Who Played Han Solo In The Latest Star Wars Movie?

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    Harrison ford stars as smuggler han solo in “star wars: the last jedi” the movie is a sequel to last year’s “the empire strikes back” the movie follows the rebels as they try to rescue han solo from jabba the hutt.

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    darth vader: death star is a prequel to the original trilogy. opens with a new death star being constructed in the desert. harrison ford’s han solo is frozen in a block of ice and held captive by jabba. the film is a continuation of the prequel trilogy.

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    A new death star is being constructed; the opening shots reveal it to look about 80% finished, so there is a sense of urgency to events from the off. darth vader lands on it, looking for answers on why it isn't finished - he speaks of the yet unseen emperor, who runs the entire outfit, and reminds us that he's much nastier, which cleverly builds the off-screen character up through dialogue.the film's opening act is essentially a continuation of where we left off prior: harrison ford's han solo is still frozen-solid in a block of something-or-other, and is captive to a large slug-like alien known as a hutt named jabba, having been taken to him in-between episodes. our heroes, led by luke, set out to rescue him from jabba's decrepit desert-set palace-prison with a scheme which seemingly involved leia (carrie fisher) being caught as well; luke doing battle with a giant monster in an inescapable pit and then later standing on a plank looking at oblivion in the form of a creature consisting of tentacles and a mouth buried in the sand.

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