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Thulsa Doom : Who Starred In Thulsa Doom?

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    Who Starred In Thulsa Doom?

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    James earl jones gives a memorable performance as the evil sorcerer thulsa doom. one of arnold’s first big american movies. the film is one of his most successful to date. the movie is a gore and sex filled comedy.

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    In a gore and sex filled cheesy movie that marks one of arnold's first big american movies, you have james earl jones himself as the evil sorcerer thulsa doom we've talked so much about. james earl jones actually gives a memorable, credible performance as the villain. it was rather surprising actually.

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    Along With Von Sydow, Who Is An Excellent Actor In The Movie?

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    Max von sydow and earl jones are excellent actors in the movie. the action is slow and there is not much dialog. the movie is a good adaptation of the novel “the dark knight rises” the movie has a good story and a good cast.

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    As for other actors, they are ok. people seem to forget that in this movie there are excellent actors: max von sydow, who gives a short but convincing performance as king osric, and earl jones, who gives a good performance as the evil thulsa doom. as for the others,they are effective, and serve very well the story's needs without unnecessary displays. second, they say that the action is slow, and that there is not much dialog.

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    In What Film Did Mako Iwamatsu Play The Wizard Of The Mounds?

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    Stub james earl jones and max von sydow were hired to inspire schwarzenegger, bergman, and lopez. milius hired more than 1,500 extras in spain for the film. japanese actor mako iwamatsu played the wizard of the mounds in conan.

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    Sean connery and john huston were considered for the other roles.stubstub james earl jones and max von sydow were, according to milius, hired with the hope that they would inspire schwarzenegger, bergman, and lopez.stub jones was an award-winning veteran of numerous theater and cinema productions.stub von sydow was a swedish actor of international renown.stub the role of thulsa doom was offered to jones while he was considering applying for the role of grendel in an upcoming feature based on john gardner's eponymous novel; after learning it was an animation, jones read conan's script and accepted the part of doom.stub when filming started on conan, jones was also starring in a broadway play—athol fugard's a lesson to aloes. he and the film crew coordinated their schedules to allow him to join the play's remaining performances.stub jones took an interest in schwarzenegger's acting, often giving him pointers on how to deliver his lines.stub the japanese actor mako iwamatsu, known professionally as "mako", was brought onto the project by milius for his experience;stub he had played roles in many plays and films and had been nominated for an academy and a tony award.stub in conan, mako played the wizard of the mounds and voiced the film's opening speech.stub william smith, although passed over for the lead role, was hired to play the barbarian's father.stub doom's two lieutenants were played by sven-ole thorsen, a danish bodybuilder and karate master, and ben davidson, a former american-football player with the oakland raiders.stub cassandra gava played the witch. milius hired more than 1,500 extras in spain.stub professional actors from the european film industry were also hired: valerie quennessen was chosen to play osric's daughter, jorge sanz acted as the nine-year-old version of conan, and nadiuska played his mother.stub script writing the drafting of a story for a conan film started in 1976; summer conceived a script with the help of roy thomas,stub a comic book writer and conan expert who had been writing the character's adventures for years for marvel comics.stub summer and thomas's tale, in which conan would be employed by a "dodgy priest to kill an evil wizard", was largely based on howard's "rogues in the house".

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