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Shazam Vs Wizard Of Oz : Who Portrays Harry Osborn In The Latest Spider-Man Film?

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    Who Portrays Harry Osborn In The Latest Spider-Man Film?

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    Harry osborn first appeared in the amazing spider-man #31 in 1965. he was created by stan lee and steve ditko. harry’s father, norman, is killed off in the series. james franco portrayed the character in the spider- man film trilogy.

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    james franco had screen tested for spider-man himself before being cast as harry osborn. cliff robertson plays peter’s uncle, a laid-off electrician and mary jane’s boyfriend. the film opens in cinemas on friday.

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    james franco as harry osborn: oscorp’s current ceo and peter’s best friend. alfred molina as doctor octopus: a scientist who goes insane after the death of his wife, rosie. peter is harry’s alter-ego spider-man.

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    sony made overtures to law about spider-man. raimi met with bentley but didn’t meet with dicaprio or ledger. actors scott speedman, jay rodan and james franco were involved in screen tests for the role.

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    James franco as harry osborn: peter's best friend and flatmate, mary jane's boyfriend and norman's son who is envious of his father's apparent closeness with peter. before being cast as harry, franco had screen tested for spider-man himself. cliff robertson as ben parker: may parker's husband and peter's uncle, a laid off electrician who is trying to find a new job.

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