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Mac Gargan : Who Was A Member Of The Thunderbolts?

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    Who Has A Heightened Body Equilibrium?

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    Gargan can run and exercise at superhuman speeds. he can also outrun vehicles. his body equilibrium is also heightened. he has been shown to be able to outrun cars at speeds of up to 100mph. he also has a heightened body equilibrium. gargan.

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    Superhuman speed: gargan can run and exercise at superhuman speeds. his overall body equilibrium is also heightened, although he isn't nearly as fast as speedsters. he's been shown to outrun vehicles.

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    Whose Reflexes Are Superior To Human Athletes?

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    Black symbiotic costume. gargan’s reflexes are superior to those of the finest human athletes. spider-man absorbed the powers of gargan during his symbiotic relationship with the venom symbiote. he is capable of adhering to solid surfaces like the spider.

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    Superhuman reflexes: gargan's reflexes are similarly enhanced and are superior to those of the finest human athlete. wall crawling: though he typically punches holes in walls to use as hand-and-footholds, gargan is capable of adhering to solid surfaces much like spider-man. former powersblack symbiotic costume: the venom symbiote which grafted itself to the nervous system of mac gargan somehow absorbed the powers of spider-man during its brief symbiotic relationship with him, effectively transferring him spider-man's powers.

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