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Bruce Banner Vs Logan : Who Starred In Avengers: Age Of Ultron?

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    Who Starred In Avengers: Age Of Ultron?

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    Ruffalo reprised the role in iron man 3 and avengers: age of ultron. a sequel to the incredible hulk has been discussed. ruffalo is set to reprise his role in any future adaptation of the character. the actor has also starred in the avengers and iron man films.

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    ”age of ultron” is a sequel to avengers: age ofultron. ruffalo plays a larger-than-life character in the sequel. the film was released in theaters on june 5, 2014. the film is directed by mark ruffalo.

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    Risley, matt (june 5, 2014). "mark ruffalo on his 'bigger, more complex' hulk in avengers: age of ultron". total film.

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    Who Is Perfect As Dr. Bruce Banner?

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    Mark ruffalo makes bruce banner come to life. ed norton and chris hemsworth play beautifully off one another. scarlett johansson and jeremy renner are perfect as the assassins. the film is a great addition to the marvel cast.

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    mark ruffalo will star as dr. bruce banner in the new hulk movie. the actor has been remade in the hulk’s own image. hawkeye and the black widow are conventional agents of shield with special skill sets. the movie is due out in 2014.

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    the movie perfectly balances action and some other scenes. the movie gives an emotional sendoff to iron man and captain america. the other characters seem to have changed into new directions in the movie. the movie opens in theaters on friday, july 26.

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    Mark ruffalo looks ideal as dr. bruce banner and whedon literally has remade the hulk in ruffalo's own image. hawkeye and the black widow aren't exactly in the same league with luminaries like iron man, thor, captain america, or hulk. these two are conventional agents of shield with special skill sets.

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