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Marshall Eriksen : Who Plays Marshall Eriksen?

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    Who Plays Marshall Eriksen?

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    Marshall eriksen(jason segel) and lily aldrin (alyson hannigan) are in love. the purity of love is exalted in the film. the film is a love story about a couple’s relationship and their ups and downs.

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    Marshall eriksen(jason segel) and lily aldrin (alyson hannigan), a lawyer who cares a lot about the environment and a kindergarten teacher with a dream of being a painter or in somehow be part of the art world. despite the ups and downs, they remained faithful and truthful to each other, providing endless moments in which through their love demonstrations the purity of love is exalted, and robin scherbatsky(cobie smulders), a workaholic and the reason of many troubles along the way. it was legendary seeing this group growth and development.

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    What Character Does Jason Segel Play?

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    Jason segel plays marshall eriksen in ‘how i met your mother’ the movie has some great characters like jonah hill, paul rudd and mila kunis. jason is one of my favourite actors in the movie.

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    Now it is the job of jason to move on, stop thinking about his ex and make matters straight with mila kunis who is in deeply in love with him.the movie has some great characters like jonah hill, paul rudd etc. who added flavour to the comedy.i personally like jason segel for his acting and he happens to be one of my favourite actors for the character marshall eriksen the one he plays in 'how i met your mother'. i have seen him act in a couple of movies and i must say i am pretty impressed with his comedy.

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