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Lin Beifong : Who Is The Chief Of Police Of Republic City?

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    Who Is The Chief Of Police Of Republic City?

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    Lin beifong is the chief of police of republic city and the daughter of toph. she is able to manipulate the classical element of earth and the sub-ability to manipulate metal. like her mother, she is the older of her father’s two daughters .

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    lin is extremely agile and resilient. she has performed intricate and delicate metalbending. her mother, toph, did not believe she knew all the specifics of metalbending . she can unlock metal handcuffs from a distance and wrap her armor around herself. other skills include somersaulting.

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    avatar wiki has63 imagesrelated to metalbending. avatar korra is the first avatar to use metalbending in the game. metalbending was alluded to by aang in “what i’d give to be a metalbender”  .  

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    lin is the first person in the legend of korra to use seismic sense. the first one to use it was toph. despite being an earthbending master, lin appears to heavily favor metalbending. he is the third person to use the seismic sense in both series.

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    metalbending is a specialized sub-skill of earthbending. it allows an earthbender to bend natural and processed metal in a similar fashion to regular earth. the technique was invented by toph beifong to escape from a metal cage. toph uses her seismic sense to perceive trace amounts of crude earth.

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    Lin is the older of toph's two daughters. lin beifong is the chief of police of republic city and the daughter of toph beifong, who once held the same position. like her mother, lin is able to both manipulate the classical element of earth, which is known as earthbending and its sub-ability to manipulate metal, which is termed metalbending.

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