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John Shaft : Who Stars As John Shaft?

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    What Character Does Richard Roundtree Play?

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    Richard roundtree stars as john shaft in the new film. the actor will return to the role for the third time. the film is set in africa and stars frank finley as the main character. the movie is set to arrive in theaters on september 25.

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    The ever-cool richard roundtree, who along with the equally awesome john saxon has played more cops than any other actor alive, makes his third appearance as john shaft, the super-tough, super-smooth, oh-so-hot black private dick who's a sex machine to all the chicks and a most gnarly guy who's always getting into loads of trouble. this time our main man shaft -- the ultimate bad-a** soul brother from the big apple hood -- goes to the motherland (that's africa, homeys) so he can get the goods on an evil black slavery ring that's run by -- natch -- an odious bunch of wicked white b**tards, with the major nasty man himself being suavely slimy french dirt-bag frank finley. like, can you dig this funky s**t, baby?

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