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Dormammu Vs Norman Osborn : Who Plays Norman Osborn?

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    Who Plays Norman Osborn?

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    Willem dafoe as norman osborn and the green goblin is perfect. elizabeth banks as betty brandt can’t be replaced. j.k simmons as j. jonah jameson is an obnoxious cartoon character in a live-action movie.

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    Willem dafoe as norman osborn and the green goblin is perfect, dafoe himself actually wanted the part and you can see how passionate he was when raimi hired him, his overthetop expressive behavior in the movie is just how the goblin is supposed to be in the comics and all the other relevant adaptations of him. if there were any cast members that i didn't know were in this and i ended up being surprised by what i discovered it would be elizabeth banks as betty brandt, there's not much to say about her other than she's kind, beautiful, and can't be replaced. last but not least is none other than j.k simmons as j. jonah jameson, he's an over-bearing, obnoxious, loud mouth cartoon character in a live-action movie and there's never a boring scene that he's in, every single word that comes out of his loud, obnoxious, non-stop rambling, mouth of his is music to my ears!

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