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Chris Adams : Who Plays Chris Adams In “The Magnificent Seven”?

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    Who Does Lee Van Cleef Play In “The Magnificent Seven”?

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    Lee van cleef plays chris adams in “the magnificent seven” the role was played by yul brynner in the original. the movie is a western remake of the 1960s classic. the film stars lee van cleef as a town marshal.

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    The movie doesn't have the star power of the original but it's refreshing to see lee van cleef in a western leading role for a change. his character is chris adams, a role portrayed by yul brynner in 1960's "the magnificent seven". the character is played with some ambiguity, since even though chris is a town marshal, he's not above shooting a couple of bullies who rode off with a young man he freed from prison at his wife's (mariette hartley) request.

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