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Arella : Who Trained Robin?

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    Who Trained Robin?

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    Hint .

    She finds azarath largely abandoned, save for a flock of doves and arella. arella tells raven that earth will fall to trigon. at the end of the book, arella reveals the truth of the prophecy. it is never revealed if arella is the illusion of azaraths.

    Hint .

    it is never revealed if arella herself was a product of the illusion. the legendary crime-fighter who trained robin never appears in the animated series. robin is voiced by none batman, but is referenced in a number of episodes of the series.

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    It is never revealed if arella herself was a product of the illusion, existing as a spirit of the lost civilization, or if she is actually azarath's lone survivor of trigon's wrath. voiced by: none batman—the legendary crime-fighter who trained robin—never appears in the animated series, nor is he ever referred to by name. however, his existence is nonetheless referenced in a number of episodes, proving that robin in fact did work for batman, having taken the righteousness oath that drives them both to fight crime and battle evil.

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