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Aiden : Along With Dorfman And Aiden, Who Plays Rachel?

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    Who Is Rachel Keller’s Son?

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    Naomi watts deftly exudes her characters’ many roles in the film. the movie is about an estranged family’s search for the truth after their son is accidentally viewed by his creepy father. the film stars david dorfman, rachel keller, and her son aiden.

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    These questions are investigated by rachel keller (naomi watts) when the movie is accidentally viewed by creepy son aiden (david dorfman) and his father (now her ex) as the whole estranged family is on a race against death! watts deftly exudes her characters' many roles while the other two give one dimensional performances as she tries to save her son from the heart stopping fate in dreary seattle. my morbid curiosity proved this isn't just another teenage urban legend flick!

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