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Owlman : What Is Owlman’s Weapon Similar To?

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    What Is Owlman’s Weapon Similar To?

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    Hint .

    Owlman is a master criminal and ally to boss gordon in the antimatter earth version of batman. he is the son of thomas wayne, sr. and has a drug-enhanced high intellect. his father is the chief of police in their world’s version of gotham city.

    Hint .

    bullock recognises owlman as thomas wayne jr. and tries to bargain for his life. owlman reveals that his parents were criminals who killed his son in the name of boss gordon. after learning the truth owlman renounces his code and drops bullock from wayne tower.

    Hint .

    owlman has developed a weapon that can destroy entire worlds. he is secretly planning to overthrow ultraman and take control of the crime syndicate. the quantum eigenstate device is the equalizer to the threat of a nuclear reprisal. owlman

    Hint .

    ”, when owlman disguises himself as batman to commit crimes. he is captured by owlman and trapped in an electrified cell. he helps defeat gorilla grodd in the final episode of “batman the animated series” he is freed by a massive, muscular batman.

    Hint .

    ”, owlman escapes and frames batman by committing crimes while disguised as him. owlman assembles black manta, brain, clock king, gentleman ghost, and gorilla grodd to join him. batman teams up with joker to defeat owlman.

    Hint .

    following the reboot of the multiverse, a new earth 3 is created with a new crime syndicate with a different origin. owlman is still the batman who laughs. the syndicate is similar to the original origin of the justice league of america. the series is based on death metal.

    Hint .

    talon was later murdered by earth-3’s version of joker in the forever evil storyline. he claims control of all crime in gotham and joins the crime syndicate. owlman later accompanies superwoman to arkham asylum to capture nightwing.

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    Equipping himself with a utility belt containing technology and weapons similar to those used by batman along with possessing a drug-enhanced high intellect (devoted to crime rather than serving the law), owlman became a master criminal and an ally to boss gordon (the antimatter earth's version of james gordon) and underboss lucius fox. later, he learned that his father thomas wayne, sr. was still alive and had become the chief of police in their world's version of gotham city, gathering a cadre of police officers who did not give in to the rampant corruption which infested their version of earth. thomas jr. blames his father for the deaths of his mother and brother and it is strongly hinted that the main purpose to his criminal career is to punish his father, who is well aware of who he is and is equally determined to destroy his own son.

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