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Harry Morgan : Who Is Dexter’s Adoptive Father?

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    Who Is Dexter’s Adoptive Father?

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    Although hall plays the title character, the show’s supporting cast includes a number of other actors. dexter’s homicidal tendencies are unflinching, but he strives to feel normal emotions. the series stars hall as dexter’s adoptive father, harry morgan, and his sister.

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    Although his homicidal tendencies are deeply unflinching, as he originally claims (via narration), throughout the series he strives to feel (and in some cases does feel) normal emotions and maintains his appearance as a socially responsible human being. besides hall playing the title character, the show's supporting cast includes jennifer carpenter as dexter's adoptive sister and co-worker (and later boss) debra, and james remar as dexter's adoptive father, harry morgan. dexter's co-workers include lauren vélez as lieutenant (later captain) maría laguerta, dexter and debra's supervisor, david zayas as detective sergeant (later lieutenant) angel batista, and c. s. lee as lab tech vince masuka (promoted to title credits in season two).

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