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Buzz Lightyear Vs Woody : Who Is The Creator Of “Family Guy”?

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    Who Is The Creator Of “Family Guy”?

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    This is the first time i’ve seen seth macfarlane as a live actor. i know his voice as brian griffin on “family guy” he’s the creator and writer of the series. he’s a big fan of star trek and ed mercer.

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    ”tna” is a comedy-drama about a long-dating couple. macfarlane doesn’t jump on the gross-out gags wagon. he reconnects us with familiar faces and voices from family guy and family guy. the film is a great comedy with free range.

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    The setup isn't too far from one possibly existing between long-dating couples with a human who has become too intrusive.despite given free range as well, macfarlane doesn't immediately jump on the "tna" bandwagon, or even the gross-out gags wagon either. frankly, the only wagon he jumps on is the appropriate one; unrestricted verbal wit. he reconnects us with familiar faces and voices, with mila kunis ("meg" on family guy) in the supporting role, his "peter griffin" voice as ted's (it doesn't come off as distracting as seth rogen's in paul), and even the voice of the handicap character, "joe," from family guy, patrick warburton, is given a minor role in the picture.

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