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Bagheera Vs Lando Calrissian : Who Plays Lando Calrissian?

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    Who Plays Lando Calrissian?

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    Alden ehrenreich gives a convincing performance as han solo. the actor reproduces the swagger and confidence originally portrayed by harrison ford. the show is well done by mr. howard and a well done job well done.  .

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    thandie newton is beckett’s partner in crime and life, val. jon favreau voices the ardennian pilot rio durant. donald glover’s performance as pilot lando calrissian is the best part of the film.

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    Thandie newton is beckett's partner in crime and life, val. jon favreau voices the multi-limbed ardennian pilot rio durant, who takes an instant liking to han.han's former girlfriend qi'ra resurfaces and joins the team, but her story is complicated and her loyalties are divided.everyone in the ensemble is terrific - but the show-stopping, effortlessly scene-stealing performance of the movie comes from donald glover as the charming, suave, sneaky-smart gambler and pilot lando calrissian.remember what i said about ehrenreich not really resembling or imitating harrison ford, and yet doing such a great job? the same applies to glover's interpretation of a younger lando, who doesn't exactly become fast friends with han but perhaps sees a little of himself in this arrogant up-and-comer.

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